Thursday, April 8, 2010

Amanda Nicole

Yesterday the sweetest, newest most precious joy of my life was born, two years ago.

Amma. I can’t even remember what the world was like before you were in it.

I tried to attach a video for you of a dozen Rwandese children singing. But the Rwandan internet is less solid than her people, so no dice. I will post it as soon as I am able.

I wanted to post it for you today, Amma, because although I don’t have any idea what these children are singing, I believe they are singing for you.

I believe the whole world is singing for you. I will always be.


  1. Tisha and I are going to sing Happy B-day to Amanda in a few minutes. Peale Rogers motored by an hour ago in the Glenna Fay on his way to the pound nets and the Hushpuppy just chugged out on a dry run preparing for the bunker season. It's drizzling on the creek in a soft morning mist. The gulls are slipping and dipping over the creek and Mr. Turtle out of the marsh and across the lawn. Just now he stopped and stretched his neck as far as it will go. Kinda reminds me of you.


  2. Personally, I believe the whole world sings for you on your birthday. I'm sure they sing especially loud for Amma, though. Happy birthday, sweet one.

  3. it was a good birthday. no party, but lots of flower picking and dog petting and toes in the bay. and dancing and singing.

    i love dad's comment.
    please picture me making the turtle head movement. im actually doing it right now, not just saying im doing it.

    amma loves you.


    Wishing that beautiful Amanda Nicole a happy (belated) birthday! I'm singing really, really loud for her and hoping that it was an amazing bday!

    Doyle - you are the best. Hands down. Miss you tons and tons. Love your face!